Oh Kaptain Underpants' (OKU) name was adapted from the children's book series "Captain Underpants" written by Dav Pilkey. We wanted to use a superhero as a name for OKU to tie into his sire's name "Daily Hero". We originally believed that we needed to use a name starting with the letter "K" which was the BWP's years starting letter for names in 2010. There are not many super heros who have acceptable names beginning with the letter "K" so OKU was originally named "Kaptain Underpants". During the BWP keuring we learned that the BWP-BRp division used a different letter than the BWP horse division and the letter for 2010 was "O" so "Oh" was added and OKU became registered as "Oh Kaptain Underpants".
We feel that "Oh Kaptain Underpants" is a name that most people will not forget :)
The Story behind the Name !!!
Registered Name: Oh Kaptain Underpants SFS
Barn Name: Buzz

Registered: Belgische Rijpony (BRp)
Registered: New Forest Pony part-bred
Bred and born in the USA

Bay Stallion, 2 hind socks, 2 front 1/2 socks
small star, roan spot on right neck

DOB: May 29, 2010
Height: 13.3 1/2 hh (7/22/13)
Approved for breeding with the
Belgian Warmblood Registry in their BRp sport pony division
* First USA bred and born BRp registered pony approved with any sport pony registry

*Smallest approved Riding Pony stallion in the USA standing at <14 hh

* No "horse blood" in the first 5+ generations

*Foals with dams approved with either
Weser-Ems or BRp can receive BRp papers

*Will be presented to the RPSI and/or theWeser-Ems registry in near future
All foals are eligible for New Forest Pony registration papers in the part-bred book through the New Forest Pony Society of NA
2013 BRP stallion approval
2013 BRP stallion approval
Click here to see his registration papers
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